Safety Pin Christmas Tree

We were in a thrift store in Norfolk this past weekend, when I saw the biggest, most glittery tree.  Sadly, it wasn’t for sale, but I did manage to snap a few pics.  It was made entirely of safety pins and clear plastic beads.  Remember making jewelry this way in the 70s?  Well, unfortunately, I couldn’t deconstruct it on the spot, other than to see that there was a huge 70s lamp underneath it all.  It appeared to be free-standing.

I’m going to try to make this.  I’ll try first to find out if it is indeed free-standing.  If not, it will either have to hang from the top of a lamp or have some sort of support to it.  It’s possible that the wires which attach to the pins are actually graduated lampshades.  In any event, as soon as I figure it out, I’ll post a tutorial.  Then we will all have our gorgeous, glittery, safety pin trees!


Safety pin tree awesomeness!












Tree close up

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15 comments on “Safety Pin Christmas Tree

  1. Love the Safety Pin tree. I make these in a much smaller version. I would love to try and recreate it some time. Would you be able to tell me about how tall and wide the tree was? Also, about what size were the safety pins? They look much larger than the 2 inch safety pins I use. If I ever find a way to recreate it, I will pass it onto you. Thanks!

  2. admin on said:

    Jean, as I recall, the tree was about 4.5 feet tall. The safety pins appeared to be the 3-inch ones, and they were brass. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding the proper pins at a reasonable price, though, since it takes a bajillion to do this. I’ve been accumulating beads and pins and I think I might have enough to do it for next Christmas. LOL I’ll post pictures of it when I’m done…or pictures of me crying in a big pile of pins and beads.

  3. carla w. on said:

    I have a client that wants a tree that big! Any details would be appreciated. I cant wait to attempt to make it….. Thank you.

  4. Love this! Would love to see your finished project, I may have to try this myself! Are you going to use acrylic beads or glass ones?

  5. katharine on said:

    have you been able to create a pattern? I would love to make this, any help would be great.

  6. Bridget Pitts on said:

    Hi, saw the picture and fell in love. I have made a small version of a tree similar in the past. If you have figured it out I would love directions. It is awesome.

  7. Shari Allen on said:

    It is beautiful. Did you figure out how to do it? I would love instructions.

  8. Tammie on said:

    Awesome. I also make these in varying sizes.
    I have to try this. Haved you had any luck on working on this. Do you know if it wa 18mm starflakes or 25? What size faceted? Any Help would be GREATLY appreciated. I did a large one with the 3″ pins for my Mother a few years ago but certainly not on this scale.
    Thank you for your time.


  9. Donna Lovett on said:

    Would love to see you do this. A lot of work. But I think worth it . Please keep me posted on this tree. Thank you

  10. Donna Lovett on said:

    Would love to hear about this tree. Wish you luck

  11. Viola Magers on said:

    This tree is so amazing. I have smaller sized. Is there anyway you would share the pictures you took of this beaded and safety pin tree with me? I would be so grateful, it would give me something to do while recovering from heart attack.


  12. Gloria McDaniel on said:

    Would love to have the pattern!

  13. Kathie Stott on said:

    Have figure the tutorial on the Christmas safety pin tree. I would love to make it. I was looking at it and it looks to be like you said lamp shade wires.. Please let me know soon. I’m itching to make it myself.

  14. Christine chicalace on said:

    May I purchase the directions to make the safety pin tree

  15. Unfortunately, I have never found instructions for it. Sorry.