Free Ear Warmer Pattern

I had a skein of Red Heart Peacock ombre yarn left over from another project, so I decided to do something with it. I had a little time to kill and a G hook on the table…and…well, this is the result. It’s a very simple pattern and makes use of an easy to learn technique that results in slanted rows. Confession time: Once you master this little pattern, you’ll be all set to make one of my future projects, a herringbone afghan!

This one is easily adjustable in both width and circumference. I have a rather small head, so I only needed 14 stitches in width. But feel free to add or subtract rows and stitches to suit your needs. It doesn’t affect the pattern at all. Most of all, have fun with it!

Ear Warmer

Pattern is designed and written by Patricia Wilson.
Copyright ©2022 Patricia Wilson

This pattern remains the property of Patricia Wilson and is intended for personal use only. No unauthorized reproduction or distribution, in whole or in part, of this pattern or its content is allowed. Patterns are for your personal use only and not to be used to create items for commercial gain. All Patricia Wilson patterns are licensed for single use and remain the intellectual property of Patricia Wilson. This pattern may not be reproduced or transmitted, in whole or part, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise.
Thank you!


Suggested Materials: Any worsted weight yarn, G hook
Gauge: 4 SC = 1” 4 rows = 1”
Finished Size: Varies


This pattern is written in U.S./American terminology
Turning chains do not count as the first stitch in the next row.
Periodically check the work in progress to see how many rows fit comfortably around your head.
For best results, you should always wash and block your work when it is finished.


SC…Single Crochet
BLO…Back Loop Only
SL…Slip Stitch


CH 15 to start. If you need a wider piece, then add chains.
Row 1: SC in second CH from hook and each CH across. CH 1, turn. (14 SC)

Row 2: Working in BLO, work one SC across the next 2 ST. SC in each ST across until you get to the last ST. 2 SC in last ST. CH 1, turn. (14 SC)

Row 3: Working in BLO, work 2 SC in first ST of previous row. SC in next 11 ST. Work one SC across the last 2 ST. CH 1, turn. (14 SC)

Repeat rows 2-3 until the piece fits comfortably around your head. Do not tie off.

Joining: Lay the piece out horizontally. Fold the left side to the center, then fold the right side in to meet the left side. Where the angles meet, they should match. Join by SL along this seam. The join should be nearly invisible. Do not cut yarn.

Finishing: SL along both edges of the ear warmer. Be careful not to stitch too tightly or it will reduce the amount of stretch you get and the center will pucker.
Tie off and weave in ends.

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