Everything’s New Again

As you might have noticed, the site looks a little different. I figured it was time for a change. I mean, why not? Everything changes and with my last baby bird leaving the nest, I thought it was time for me to change a bit, too.

The site has had a redesign from top to bottom, including a new shop. Don’t worry, though. The free patterns and font are still here. I’ll be adding patterns, both free and for sale, as time permits. Maybe even another crocheted doily rug. I’m somewhat obsessed with them. Today’s new offering is a scarf pattern, which you can purchase through my shop. Over the holidays, my daughter and my son’s girlfriend visited. They are both new to crochet and I thought, why not make something simple enough that they could make it, too. I love bright colors and happy patterns and this one checks all the boxes. Each color carries into the next block of stripes, spawning the “Echoes” name. I hope you like it.

That’s about it for now. I’ll see you soon and, I promise, it won’t be years before I post again.


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