Who doesn’t love Barbie?

I played with Barbies all through my childhood. Decades later, my youngest daughter inherited my love of Barbies. She collects them, actually, and they are all over her room. I mean ALL over. We went to see the Barbie movie last summer and loved it, which led my oldest daughter to visit the Barbie Cafe in Chicago. She sent us copious pictures and we lived vicariously through her, with her pretty pink drink and the wonderful atmosphere. For all of us, Totally Hair Barbie was a favorite and so I was inspired to make an afghan which paid homage to her dress.

This blanket is worked in 6 different colors and is worked completely in single crochet, with the exception of the border. You work it from side to side, turning as you go, and so this led to as many as 14 different balls of yarn being attached at one time. For this reason, I suggest that you wind yarn colors onto cardboard bobbins to make the turning easier. The pattern is written out rather than using a graphic like a graphgan would. With this size of it, this made things a lot simpler than trying to follow a multi-page image. The completed blanket is bright and colorful and quite large, being 48 x 72 inches.

It took me two months to complete this, working in the evenings and spare moments, but it was a labor of love. Honestly, if there was anyone who was going to dive in and paint their house pink and have glorious Barbie-themed rooms, it would be me. Our love for Barbie, in all her iterations, especially the Margot Robbie one, knows no bounds.

You can find the pattern here.

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2 comments on “Who doesn’t love Barbie?

  1. Stephie on said:

    I love it!!! 🙂

  2. admin on said:

    Thank you!