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The Zigzag Scarf: Free Pattern – Dances With Wools

The Zigzag Scarf: Free Pattern

From time to time, manufacturers send me products to test for them. I love learning about new products and being the first to see them, especially if that product is yarn! Quite often, though, the amount I get isn’t enough to make a project, or at least not a large product like a blanket or a shawl. In this case, it was just enough to make a small scarf and so I thought I would come up with something new and offer it as a free pattern. My mind drifted back to the sixties, when my mother used to make a lot of my school clothes herself. She was a wonderful seamstress and her only flaw, if indeed she had one, was that she loved rickrack a little too much. I trimmed every single pair of shorts, every dress she ever made me, and as I recall, there was a romper or two that was just festooned with the stuff. Good times. Here, I have translated that overabundance of rickrack into a scarf and I’ve used every one of the colors they sent me. The skeins are small so you won’t need a lot of yarn and might even end up clearing out some of your stash. You do have a yarn stash, don’t you? Oh, I know you do!

It’s a pretty easy and mindless pattern, one you can whip up while watching TV. So, here is the pattern, free for your use. I would appreciate a mention if you end up making it.

Zigzag Scarf

Suggested Materials:  
Finished Size:
Any DK weight yarn, crochet hooks H & I
Doesn’t matter
Approx. 5 feet by 6 inches

This pattern is written in U.S./American terminology

Turning chains do not count as the first stitch in the next row.

For best results, you should always wash and block your work when it is finished.

Cluster Stitch: Yarn over, insert hook into CH, yarn over, draw through 2 loops.  Yarn over, insert hook into CH, draw through 2 loops.  Yarn over, draw through all 3 loops.

Single Crochet
Double Crochet
Cluster Stitch

To begin:  Using the I hook, CH 245.

Row 1: SC in second CH from hook and each CH to the end.  CH 2, turn.

Row 2: Using H hook, DC in same ST as CH 2.  SK 1 ST, work CL in next ST.  CH 2.  Work CL in same ST.  * SK 2 ST, work (CL, CH 2, CL) in next ST.  Repeat from * to end, working 1 DC in last ST.  Tie off.

From here on, you will not turn your work, but will start from the same side each time.  Tie off each color at the end of each row, and begin a new color.

Rows 3: CH 2, Work (CL, CH 2, CL) in next CH-2 SP.  Repeat from * across, ending with 2 DC in last ST.  Tie off.

Row: 4-9: Repeat row 3.


With right side facing you, attach border color to the first ST you made in Row 9.  Work one DC in the top of each CL and 2 DC in each CH-2 SP to last.  Work 3 DC in last ST.  Work 3 DC in each DC along the side.  Work 3 DC in first starting chain.  Work one DC in each starting CH along bottom.  Work 3 DC in the last starting chain of the bottom.  Work 3 DC in each CH-2 along the remaining side.  Tie off.

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