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Entrelac Baby Afghan – Dances With Wools

Entrelac Baby Afghan

There was a long period of time during which all my friends were having babies. Since I love to crochet, I decided that they would all receive a nice baby afghan from me, the future Auntie Trish. I first made this afghan in blue, for a friend at my daughter’s school about ten years ago, then reprised it many times for many other friends who expressed envy. After all this time — and the passage of my friends into their non-child-bearing years — I decided to finally put together the pattern I knew by heart. It was NOT easy. Everything that existed in my head did not transfer quickly and easily into words on a page. I tried to be as descriptive as possible and to be as concise as I knew how and it still took me over a month to make this example and write up the pattern.

This is not an easy pattern. I would categorize it as upper intermediate or even light advanced. And it does eat up some yarn. Tunisian stitches are many and varied. Some are hard, some are easier. I made my very first crochet project in Tunisian simple stitch. Back then, they called it “Afghan Stitch.” It makes a very tight, warm blanket and is capable of handling some very sharp color changes, which is why I love it. It also takes longer to finish a project than if you used, say, single or double crochet. In my book, it’s worth it.

I do not have equipment or talent enough to do video tutorials. Lucky for me, there is a lovely lady on the internet who has forgotten more about Tunisian crochet than I will ever know. Her name is Kim Guzman and she has all kinds of info on Tunisian stitches, and quite a collection of tutorials as well. Anything I could produce would be but a pale comparison to what she’s accomplished. So, I will point you to her site instead and leave you with a plethora of knowledge if you need it.

Entrelac crochet tutorial.

I hope you’ll give this pattern a look and perhaps even pass along a few more baby afghans to your friends. If you do make this afghan, please leave a comment and share your photo of it with me. I’d love to see it.

Best always,


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