Sunny Daze Shawl

Sunny Daze Shawl

I’ve always loved bright, happy colors, so when I set out to design this shawl, I chose the happiest color I could imagine: the color of the sun. It is worked in four gradient shades of yellow and in two simple stitches: Double crochet and V-stitch. This shawl is oversized for even the broadest of shoulders, and drapes well enough that it could by used as a scarf. Warm but not too warm, it is ever so soft to the touch. If you’d like the pattern, run on over to our shop.

I suppose it was inevitable, really. With seven cats in the house, one of them was bound to photo bomb me eventually. LOL So, may I introduce Stormageddon, Dark Lord of Awww! AKA Mama’s baby boy. This post is Stormageddon approved.

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