The 5 Most Important Items in my Crochet Tool Bag

We will, for the purposes of this article, ignore the fact that yarn is the most important tool of all. I mean, you can have the fanciest hooks in the world, but you won’t get far without some yarn, right? But there are other things that are necessary; still more things just make the job easier. And it’s those things that we’re here to discuss. Everybody has their favorite tools, the things that work best for them. So, here are some of mine.

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Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hooks
I will admit that these were all about the aesthetic for me. I got them for the pink but I kept them because they are so comfortable in my hand. As I get holder, I find it harder to crochet for hours at a time with the regular old aluminum hooks I used in my youth. These are beautiful (don’t you just want to frame them?) and they keep my hand from getting fatigued. They’re one thing I simply can’t do without.

Bins and Things Blocking Mat
I’ve used a lot of blocking tools and methods in my life, most of which didn’t work all that well. I used to have a beautiful wood block board with metal dowels that I used for granny squares and such. But it was limited and quickly fell apart when I tried any kind of wet blocking. Then I found these wonderful blocking mats. They come with pins and will stand up to wet or steam blocking. The best part is that there are 9 of them and you can put them together to fit a larger item. You can even used 2 or 3 sets together to do a full afghan. Bonus points: They’re pink!

Large Rolling Project Caddy
I have several project bags that I use regularly. One is a backpack for smaller projects and one is a tote bag with pockets all around the outside for hooks, scissor, patterns, what have you. But this one is my absolute favorite. I know it’s billed as a cleaning caddy but I use it for my larger projects. The fabric is sturdy and it has little niches for accessories and a huge cavern inside for your yarn and WIP. The best part is that it has wheels. You can remove it from the wheels if you prefer and just use it as a tote. But if I’m at a convention and I have to get my project across the hotel and into the dealer’s room to sit all day, I want some wheels! And it also comes in pink.

Large Capacity Yarn Winder
You know the drill. You’re deep into your project and everything is going smoothly…until the skein of yarn tangles and you find yourself staring at a spaghetti nightmare. I like winding my yarn into cakes for ease of use and storage. The problem with some winders is that they won’t handle even a single skein of yarn. This one by Olikraft, will handle an entire regular Red Heart Super Saver skein and will even hold half of a Super Saver Jumbo skein. It has wound hundreds of skeins for me without the slightest hint of trouble and the setup was a piece of cake. The only downside I see is that it does not come in pink.

Stitch Markers
I resisted using stitch markers for a very long time. If I needed to count stitches or remember where my first stitch in a row was, I just tied on a piece of scrap yarn. And then I found these adorable cat stitch markers. They come in lots of other designs, but I like cats so…. Just using these makes me smile and the fact that one of the cats is pink is just a bonus.

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One comment on “The 5 Most Important Items in my Crochet Tool Bag

  1. Stephie on said:

    The kitty stitch markers are so cute, and the crochet hooks do look 1,000x more comfortable than traditional ones.